Carly Simmons

Moxie: The Boutfit With Grit



Moxie is the first roller derby garment that integrates shoulder protection and makes you game-day ready.

Type: Product Design

Context: Roller Derby, Product/Branding, Subcultures

Guidance: Hlynur Atlason

Team: Rhea Bhandari, Sophie Carillo, Hannah Rudin, Carly Simmons



Roller derby is a sport of intensity. Derby athletes have grit, tenacity, and professionalism that remains unacknowledged as a mainstream sport (despite first being played in the 1930’s!). Moxie’s mission is to help derbiers improve their game by lowering risk for injuries. Moxie incorporates both shoulder bracing and shoulder padding to create a unique silhouette for its most dedicated players while complying to standard roller derby regulation.


Moxie’s shoulder braced works simply. Two breast zippers are located at the top of the garment. Zippers should remain open when a derby player pulls over their jersey. Once the jersey is on, the player zips each side of the garment which pulls the compression material tight to create a braced atmosphere for the shoulder. Shoulder injuries are the most common injury in the sport because players are constantly making contact with one another to keep balance and make their way through “packs” of players. Currently, the sport does not allow “hard” pads outside knee and elbow protection, so Moxie incorporates soft padding to the shoulders for greater protection against high impact.


This prototype of Moxie is made with consideration for the Gotham Girls All Stars team in New York City, of which we were fortunate enough to speak with some of the players in the league, including the captain. The diamond padding and color palette draws from lightning strike motifs in the current Gotham Girls logo. For other teams interested in the product, we intend to cater to each team’s style. Roller derby’s history of unique dress is as old as the sport, and so it’s important that each team be represented as they wish, with jerseys made specifically for them.


Scope Identification




The shape and motion of Moxie’s mark is reminiscent of the derby player themself. Derby is played by circling a track counter-clockwise, so, whenever a derby player is facing you, they are always shifting their force to the right. The series of three ascending lines points upward - a sentiment of the sport itself, where players are always working to improve and encourage their teammates. Colors are bold and energetic, just like the players. Moxie even has their own handwritten font.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.40.48 PM.png
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The entire Moxie garment was made from a custom template. Using a basic cotton tee-shirt as a sort of template, the Moxie template was born from edits made to an existing template. The collar was fit to match the body template and a number was attached for testing purposes. Moxie had an entirely different life before her final form, where there was a cross band, similar to existing shoulder braces. In this case, the cross band was not going to work because it was too easy to tug at, which would be hazardous during competitions.