Carly Simmons

Plush Uterus: Women's Health Learning Tool


Plush Uterus

A conversational aid that connects young girls and their maternal role models and lightens first conversations about menstruation.

Type: Sewing

Context: Women's Health, Electronics

Guidance: Becky Stern



As menstruation begins earlier and earlier for young girls, the stakes surrounding a parents' first period talk continue to rise. The plush uterus makes this conversation less daunting for both parties by creating a lighting interaction, to show daughters the process of menstruation in a friendly way. Parents can point to various stages and organs, while the plush makes daughters' questions more tangible.




The uterus form is created from three separate shapes and three different colored felts. The primary and secondary pieces were sewn and reversed inside-out to prevent seams from showing. In order to stabilize the circuit and LEDs in their necessary positions, I used fiber filler and masking tape to manipulate the pieces. To prevent further shifting, the battery pack remains outside the main form. This decision also eases the routine of turning the lights on and off. Before creating the LED circuit, I prototyped a smaller version of the uterus with a disassembled flashlight to test opacity of the felt and fiber filling.

Plush_Process2_1920 copy.jpg