Carly Simmons

Sling: Reimagining Hand Tools



Reimagining ancient hand tools in the advent of the apocalypse.

Type: Industrial Design

Context: Woodworking, Leather Stitching

Guidance: Sinclair Smith



The following object is directly inspired by the ancient projectile weapon by the same name. Sling is made under the speculative context of the apocalypse, when people will need to revisit hand tools as the primary method for survival. Designed with beauty and detail in mind, Sling's handcrafted form entices consumers to buy today, so they are prepared when disaster arises.


Form and Materials:

Sling is comprised as two components, the leather projectile pouch, and a stone harvester, made from poplar. When Sling is not in use, the leather pouch can rest in the bend of the harvester. The leather cord can be pulled through with the ease of a finger and slung on the user's shoulder as they harvest ammunition. Similarly, the sling can be quickly converted into use by tugging each side of the cord.