Carly Simmons




Case: More guilt-free alone time for mothers
UX, UI, Service Design, Branding

Kindred: Find Your Mom Tribe

Case: Make finding new friends for postpartum support easy
Services: Design Research / UX / Branding


Moxie: The Boutfit With Grit

Case: Preventing Upper-Body Injuries for Roller Derbiers
Services: Design Research, Product Design, Branding & Guidelines
Team: Rhea Bhandari, Sophie Carrillo, Hannah Rudin, Carly Simmons


The Datalogue

Case: Using Performance to Demonstrate the Process & Methods of Data-Mining
Services: Construction, Project Management, User Experience
Team: MFA Products of Design Class of 2019



Case: Increasing Awareness of New Mothers’ Needs in the Workplace
Services: Product Design, Design Research


Case: Lower the amount of tickets/summons administered for fare-begging at MTA turnstiles
Services: Service Design, Branding

Know The Flow

Case: Create a way for the men in women’s lives to get more involved with menstruation
Services: Project Management, Prototyping, Final Deliverable
Team: Manako Tamura, Carly Simmons, Alexia Cohen, Bernice Wong, Hannah Rudin, Gustave Ole Dyrhauge, Rhea Bhandari, Ellen Rose, Juho Lee, Smruti Adya, and Andrew Schlesinger



Case: Increasing amount of alone time for new moms
UX, UI, Service Design, Branding