Carly Simmons





This conceptual clothing piece aims to reduce physical and emotional side effects that arise from high anxiety levels. Sewn to the bottom portion of the shirt are weighted pouches. These compartments are open and accessible, allowing users to change the weight of their shirt based on degrees of distress and preference.

The shirt can be worn in two ways. The first is tucked inside pants, when the user is in a state of comfort, and the second is untucked, when the user in a state of discomfort. The versatility of wear is an important design feature that prevents habitualization, a physical  process where the body adapts to a particular circumstance (in this case, the weight) after prolonged exposure. It is crucial to the function of the shirt that the user has the option to relieve themselves from the extra weight in order for the weight to be effective when needed.

In this model, the pouches are filled with quarters to learn about various weight conditions.